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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Section 7 - Movement of people and vehicles hazards and control.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this element, candidates should be able to demonstrate understanding of the content through the application of knowledge to familiar and unfamiliar situations. In particular they should be able to:

• Outline and differentiate between active (pro-active) monitoring procedures, including inspections, sampling, tours and reactive monitoring procedures, explaining their role within a monitoring regime
• Carry out a work place inspection, and communicate findings in the form of an effective and persuasive report
• Explain the purpose of regular reviews of health and safety performance, the means by which reviews might be undertaken and the criteria that will influence the frequency of such reviews
• Explain the meaning of the term ‘health and safety audit’ and describe the preparations that may be needed prior to an audit and the information that may be needed during an audit.

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