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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Section 13 - Physical and psychological health hazards and control.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this element, candidates should be able to demonstrate understanding of the content through the application of knowledge to familiar and unfamiliar situations. In particular they should be able to:

• Identify work processes and practices that may give rise to musculoskeletal health problems (in particular work-related upper limb disorders – WRULD) and suggest practical control measures
• Identify common welfare and work environment requirements in the workplace
• Describe the health effects associated with exposure to noise and suggest appropriate control measures
• Describe the health effects associated with exposure to vibration and suggest appropriate control measure
• Describe the principal health effects associated with ionising and non-ionising radiation and outline basic protection techniques
• Explain the causes and effects of stress at work and suggest appropriate control actions
• Describe the situations that present a risk of violence towards employees and suggest ways of minimising such risk.

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